My Motorcycle – 2005 Yamaha FZ6

2005 Yamaha FZ62005 Yamaha FZ6


I have a awesome machine. The bike has been very reliable. In the ten years I have owned it, I have had to replace two batteries. Other than that it starts every time. Oil change every three thousand miles with a brand new filter every time. I don’t run full synthetic, I use Castrol ActEvo o X-Tra 4T Semi-Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil. New OEM Air Filter every 12k miles. Currently 24k miles on the clock. Been through a few sets of tires but Pirelli Angle GT’s are what’s on it now. It is smooth at highway speeds and tracks great when carving through turns. With 97 hp @ 12,000 rpm and 46.5 tq @ 10,000 rpm, the engine is solid. Wind it up and it goes! Drive it reasonably and it sips gas. I averaged 45 mpg for the year of 2014 with a one time great of 53 mpg. (Tracking by Fuely)

Mods include: Yamaha Frame Cap, Yamaha Lower Cowl, Top Saddlery Seat, TankSlapper Protector, Givi V46 Top Case, Givi Mono Top Rack, Givi e21 Side Cases, SW-Motech Quick-Lock Side Racks, Grip Puppies, LSL Frame Sliders, FAZFZ6 FE, Hyper-lite Brakelite Kit, HEL Brake Lines

The bike has definitely been what every bike magazine review says, Swiss army knife of bikes. It has a nice seating arrangement where you can still tuck in, but you can also sit upright in the more standard position. After upgrading the brake lines to HEL, the brakes are solid. Suspension is manageable, but with the stock seat it can be a little rough. In the time I have owned mine, I have had the stock seat – 3 years, a Corbin seat – 1 year, and a Top Sadlery – 7 years. The Corbin was a great seat, but the Top Sadlery one is way better for long distance. 300 mile rides are no problem.

From motocamping, computing, sport touring, or just riding around, this bike is a great choice and I recommend it to anyone from beginner to veteran!

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