Givi WP402 Waterproof Ruck Sack – Xmas Gift

Happy Holidays from!

This year Santa brought me some Mountain House Freeze Dried Food and Givi WP402 Waterproof Ruck Sack / 30L. I had almost asked for the 40L, but I figured that the 30L would be a good start since I need a bag that size anyways. I am a firm believer in quality gear and lucky for everyone so does Givi. This bag is awesome! The D-rings on it seem very rugged and I expect they will last for years. I will admit I had to watch a youtube on how to actually use a dry bag since this was my first. Seems easy enough. I usually use a couple of duffel drawstring bags, but I found out on my last trip that they are not waterproof. Inside the Givi bag has a nice plastic coating that I have no doubt will keep out the rain and dirt. It also folds up nice so it wont take up much space when not in use. I can not wait till I get a chance to put this bag into action!



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