Power on the Go!! How to power your gear – Part 1

Have you ever been out camping or on a long ride and wished you could charge your phone. Not all of us are blessed with bikes that come stock with power points (12v outlets or USB outlets). Some of the newer bikes that are coming out seem to be including this option as a standard feature. Manufactures recognize that their customers are utilizing their machines for more than just an economical way of getting around. Slowly, they are adding these nice to have features. However, if you do not have this as a standard feature, there are many easy ways to get power when you are on the go or at the camp ground.

Using your Battery Tender Harness

Did you install a Battery Tender yet? If not you should, as it make winter storage that much easier. Did you also know that you can get an 12v Outlet Adapter for Battery Tender Harness pretty cheap? This setup will not power a tablet, but it works great to recharge an iPhone. Here is my current Motorcycle Power Setup. This setup stays in my top case and goes with me for every ride. Cost was around $40 for everything listed below:

Motorcycle Power Setup

Using Campground Power

If you notice in the list above, I included a normal 120v AC Wall Outlet USB Charger. Some of the campsites that I have been to have power posts that have normal 120vAC outlets. It’s great when you don’t have to use the bikes battery to charge things, even though to charge a cell phone you will not likely do any harm to your battery. And on the plus side, If you did bring a tablet or laptop, this is a great way to charge them up for use later.

Using Rest Stop / Restaurant Power

Rest stops that offer bathroom services will likely have power and are always happy to let you charge your gear. If you see a donation jar, take advantage. No better way to spend a buck or two for the ability to recharge your gear while you take a break from riding. Same goes for restaurants, as they are happy to let you charge your gear if you plan on ordering. Many establishments also offer free wi-fi service, which is great if you are in an area that does not receive good cell reception.




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