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So I am thinking it is time to change up the format here at The forum that no one uses is going away. One, no one uses it and Two, I can’t see it being useful in the future as there are a lot of other established forums out there. So forum will be going away and be revisited at a later date. I would like to see this site move more toward a contributor driven site along with reviews and such. Still requires a lot of work, but more manageable than running forums. I have other thoughts of doing some merch like decals and t-shirts. Perhaps some products that can create! Sky’s the limit!


Post from Facebook page explaining the new format:

So for the Website, It is going to be Blog style for the time being. Trying to find a good magazine style layout, but we have other stuff going on in life right now that needs to be prioritized. So we are going to implement some Advertising on the Blog Website (Not here on Facebook) will only be advertising for:
– My Own Stuff (if I ever setup a shopping cart and start selling stuff, stickers and t-shirts)
– Links To Specific Products On Amazon (they kick back a little which I plan on using to pay for the website and possibly donating a portion of it)
-General Companies Who I Find Their Products To Be Awesome (which I may or may not receive anything from them but will be noted in the blog)

We believe in being fair and upfront with everyone and will try to keep the advertising down to a bare minimum,we not fans of it either. However, it is nice to have some cash flow to invest back into the website and help build this community!! Stickers and T-shirts would be great. Possibly a Hoodie!! But this stuff and the website costs money. So we will start doing some minor advertising but we want to make sure that we are being as transparent and non-invasive as possible about these things!!

Anywho, We will be updating the blog with a bunch of new posts over the next month. Have to fill it up will all the good information we can. Soon we would like to see about submission posts from contributors. It won’t be for a little while and We’ll be sure to let everyone know when we am ready.


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